Zone Athletic Performance

What is Zone Athletic Performance?

Zone Athletic Performance is movement with a focus in your mind and a flow in your body that allows you to use your athletic skills to their absolute highest level.


An effortless golf swing sending the ball... soaring to the target.

A high speed powder turn on a steep slope... that feels like flying.

A challenging side volley of the soccer ball... to the top corner of the net.

A wide angle top spin tennis forehand passing shot... that paints the line.

A fitness run that could go on forever.


Have you experienced Athletic Performance that felt like this?

I am guessing that you have.


Almost everyone that has participated in sport or fitness consistently has experienced fleeting examples of performance that felt easy, effortless, at the highest level of skill... that felt as if it was happening on its own.


Research scientists have been studying the neurological, psychological and physiological components of the "Zone" or the "Flow State" since the 1970's.


Their goal has been to identify the contributing factors that allow athletes to achieve Zone Athletic Performance.


Brain wave studies (EEG)

Brain mapping studies (fMRI)

Psycholical risk/reward, fear/focus and triggers/goals studies

Physiogical Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Endorphin and Anandamide studies


Because of the breadth and depth of these studies there is a tremendous wealth of knowledge regarding WHAT the brain, mind and body are doing when an athlete is in the 'Flow State" and achieving Zone Athletic Performance.


You are certainly welcome to dive in and explore all the research.  I would be happy to give you an extensive reading list... OR you can let me provide you with a Map to help you apply the data and dramatically improve your performance.


My goal is to simplify all the detailed research into understandable core concepts and provide you with simple progressions and achievable focus cues... to help you understand HOW to experience ZAP on a regular basis.


Whether you are a golfer, skier, soccer player, tennis player, runner or someone who just wants more enjoyment from any activity that requires heightened focus... there is a Map to help you achieve that enjoyment and maximum efficiency in the application of your skills.


My experience as a professional athlete in two sports, elite athlete in mulitple sports, personal coach in multiple sports, fitness professional, student of sports performance, student of the art of Tai Chi, published author and video producer has given me a unique perspective into the essentials and the subtleties of performance in the Zone... and more importantly insight into clearly communicating the "Zone" Map to you.


If you would like to set up a personal ZAP consultation or schedule a ZAP training session please feel free to contact me at your convenience.



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