Why Video Instruction?

Have you ever tried to change your swing and found it difficult to overcome old habits?

Or... have you successfully changed your swing at the range and been unable to perform with it on the course? 


Even the best players in the world struggle on the golf course when trying to apply new techniques to hitting shots under pressure.


The key to making effective change is performing the new movement correctly on a consistent basis.


Imagine writing your signature with the opposite hand, playing a new song on an instrument or changing the way you stride when you walk.  Success will only be achieved if each of those actions is executed correctly AND is executed correctly on a consistent basis... once or twice a week will not reinforce the new signature, song or stride strongly enough to make it the new dominant pattern.


My research on learning and my experience with students (over 15,000 during my career) has shown a very specific progression makes the change process MUCH easier.  Whether your on course performance is strongest using feel cues, auditory cues or visual cues... the fastest progression to follow for rapid change is:






Before you can feel, train or trust a new movement you MUST have a crystal clear picture of what your current swing is doing and how it will look after you make the change.


Have you ever seen your swing on video before?  Did it look like you thought would?  If your swing looks a lot different than it feels (and unfortunately it rarely looks better than you thought it would) then video analysis will be a great tool for you.


Video analysis is the best way to create the clear, accurate, complete picture in your mind of the change you want your body to execute.


If the picture in your mind is not clear enough... your swing repetitions will tend to wander between old habits (where the body and brain are comfortable) and new habits (which feel forced and uncomfortable until enough correct repetitions have been executed) leading to frustration and abandonment of the change process.  Does this sound familiar?


For this reason video analysis is the foundation that we will build your swing improvement upon.  


As the correct repetitions increase and the accuracy of your feel of the movements improve... we will focus more on performance cues, creating ideal ball flight and target focus and there will be less reliance on video.


Until then... watch the video below to get an idea of how I use video analysis to create a clear, complete picture of one of the key aspects of an effective swing.


      Timing is Everything Part 1

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