The Best Improvement Tips

from my Award Winning Instruction...

presented in 30 Step by Step Video Lessons.

The Video Lesson above...
is just one of the Game Changing lessons
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Sweet Spot Shots Lesson Library.

1.  Groove Your Move - Your "Take It to the Course" Source - Including... The Mental Game, Smart Practice and Changing Swing Habits

Click Here to check out Groove Your Move on Amazon Video

2.  Club Face Swing Path -Your "Consistency" Source - Including... Set up for Success,The Hand Path, The Release Slot

Click Here to check out Club Face Swing Path on Amazon Video

3.  Club Face Rotation - Your "Accuracy" Source - Including... Your Sweet Spot Grip, The Guiding Hand, Late is Great

Click Here to check out Club Face Rotation on Amazon Video

4.  Club Face Loft - Your "Solid Contact" Source - Including... Loft Snapshots, Grooving Speed Timing, Scuffology... 

Click Here to check out Club Face Loft on Amazon Video

5.  The Power Primer - Your "Distance" Source - Including... Arc Size, The Need for Speed, The Combo Drill... 

Click Here to check out The Power Primer on Amazon Video

"I LOVE the Sweet Spot Shots Video Lessons!  They are Awesome!  Great information, great format, easy to follow, easy to navigate and no extra fluff or confusing concepts!" 

- Katherine Craven  16 handicap

“What is really fun about Sweet Spot Shots is that I did not have to make a lot of changes to my swing.  Just a few small tweaks here and there and my shot quality has improved dramatically... which has caused my scores to drop lower than ever before."

- Dudley Tarlton  6 handicap

"I have always felt like I was a good athlete... but I could never translate that ability to my golf game.  Now that I am following Geoff's instruction in Sweet Spot Shots... I am finally playing to my full potential and truly enjoying my golf."

- Dan Colonno  11 handicap

The Sweet Spot Shots Video Lessons are made up of "Live" Tips, "Live" Swing Key Explanations, Self Diagnosis Tools, Pro Swing Analysis and Powerful Swing Drills specifically designed to help you simplify "what" to change in your swing... and understand exactly "how" to make change quickly and easily!

The lessons are each between 6 and 20 minutes long... meaning the whole lesson library is over 5 hours of Award Winning Instruction guaranteed to help your game.

Golfers of all abilities have used these lessons to eliminate frustration in the learning process, improve performance on the course and increase enjoyment in all facets of the game.

Want more accuracy and consistency?

Of course you do!

Check out the Club Face Rotation Series "Key Concepts" Video below to add more control to your game.

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