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Lesson Programs

  • Swing need some tuning?

  • Plagued by inconsistency?

  • Need more yards on all your shots?

  • Short game costing you strokes?

We can custom tailor a lesson package that will help you achieve maximum results on your scorecard with minimum changes to your game. Change can be challenging in golf... let me help you identify only the most effective changes to make.  Once you have a clear picture of what needs to be done... we will create an easy to follow step by step map to make sure your practice and play will bring you closer to your goals.

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Coaching Programs

  • Tired of old habits chasing you down?

  • Frustrated with spinning your wheels?

  • Looking for a total game changer?

  • Ready to supercharge your improvement?

The key to maximizing your golf improvement is the consistency and the quality of your interaction with an instructor who understands your game and knows your goals.  My unlimited lesson coaching programs give you unlimited lessons and all the tools you need to make sure your mind and body are  prepared to begin playing the best golf of your life.

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"The ultimate experience is to have a lesson with Geoff. In 20 minutes he had me hitting shots I hadn't hit in 5 years... plus, he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to showing you very simple techniques to improve and tune your game." 

Bill Mechura

"I have been playing for ten years and constantly tweaking my swing. I had different looks to my game every time I stepped onto the course. With Geoff’s instruction I am thinking a lot less about the mechanics when I am on the course and just playing golf. Geoff has improved my game from a 12 handicap down to a 5.4 handicap. Numbers aside, it is more fun to just play and not constantly analyze my mechanics on the course."

Eric Pollock

"Geoff is a very engaging and entertaining instructor.  His lessons are always fun and they have helped me make changes which have dramatically lowered my scores."

Kirsten Palmquist

"There are hundreds of swing thoughts a golfer can use. Getting to the point where I think of no more than one during a swing... or even better none, is what allows me to execute shots to the best of my ability. Geoff's instruction and EvoSwing concepts have made it easy for me to quiet excess swing thoughts and rapidly lower my scores."

Dudley Tarlton

"It is very important for students to understand how the process of change works and Geoff does a great job of making that process clear. As an instructor, I see students spend countless hours hitting balls... a good majority of them see very little change in their game. Implementing the concepts in Geoff’s instruction will make for more successful practice sessions and will leave golfers with more time to ENJOY playing golf!"

Lindsey Scott LPGA Instructor

"I am a professional musician and on the faculty of CU Boulder and have been teaching at the University level for 30 years. I have spent a lot of time studying methods of teaching effectively. I have been taking golf lessons with Geoff Greig for three years and I find him a masterful teacher.


Many people know a lot of information about the golf swing. What separates Geoff is his uncanny ability to watch someone swing and quickly assemble a direction and sequence of points for quick and effective learning. He has the self-discipline to give one point to the student to focus on in each lesson and like a great chess master, is thinking and planning many moves ahead. So as the student achieves the current goal, Geoff seamlessly introduces the next one. Geoff never falls into the golf instructor trap of introducing so many points at once to cause a student to be paralyzed with complicated thoughts and unable to swing the club at all.


I believe a teacher’s main role is to help students learn how to teach themselves. Geoff’s teaching method fits perfectly with this philosophy.


I strongly recommend Geoff to golfers of any ability. He is articulate, clear, positive and kind. In these past three years my scores have dropped considerably and my enjoyment of the game has grown enormously."

Peter Cooper

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